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Sustainability and social responsibility are two issues that have become more important in recent years. Companies and institutions have seen the need to consider not only their financial utilities, but also their impact on the environment.

An important agent of this change has been the consumer itself, as well as society in general. Consequently, regulations on the subject are increasingly stricter and comprehensive, which leads organizations to develop a management system that includes the perspective of increasingly responsible and sustainable ESG practices.

Now, the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN in 2015, to be achieved by 2030, have provided a framework of action for governments, companies and society, in general, to work towards a more sustainable way of living, have a healthier planet and, ultimately, a possible future for us and the coming generations. In EyE, we are committed to help our clients to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, in a just, profitable and responsible way.

We have identified our services within six specific categories:

Responsible Investment Practices
Corporate and organizational governance

Responsible Investment Practices

  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP): We are experts in the methodology and reporting platform of the CDP, which objective is to convert enviornmental reports and risks into opportunities of growth towards a more sustainable operation.
  • RobecoSAM and Dow Jones Sustainability Index: This ESG intern practices reporting platform has become the most important database for investors and clients internationally. In EyE we provide the necessary advice to meet the reporting requirements of the platform, and identify the operational areas of opportunity and strenghts, to improve the reporting of information year to year.
  • Development of sustainability and integrated reports: Advice, permanent support, content development and translation of reports based on international methodologies (GRI Standards, AA1000, ISO 26000, IPIECA and the Sustainable Development Goals).
  • Sustainability Report Audits: Experts in the auditing of sustainability reports and CSR practices for compliance with the reporting options of the GRI Standards methodology.

Corporate and organizational governance

  • Materiality Analysis: Analysis of the company’s reputation in different audiences (internal and external) and communication channels (Traditional: press, TV, radio. New media: social media).
  • Externalties Analysis: Analysis of the negative impacts of the operations, services and products of the organization on its stakeholders.
  • Human Rights diagnostic: Analysis and diagnostic of the policies, practices and risks of violation of the human rights of an organization, inside and outside its operations.
  • Integrated business models: Business strategy development integrating the principles of the organization’s sustainability model with the business goals.
  • Policies for sustainability: Identification and development of policies that promote the implementation of sustainable development practices.
  • Application for obtaining CSR Awards: Experts in applying for various awards, certifications and recognitions in social responsibility, ethical management and sustainability.
  • Representation in international forums: We are representatives of the Mexican industry before the ISO, UN and Global Reporting Initiative community. In addition, we represent our clients before various forums such as the Climate Bonds Initiative, the UN Global Compact, among others. Interested in us representing your company in international forums? Contact us.

Ethics and Anti Bribery Systems

  • Development of Code of Ethics: Experts in the development of codes of ethics for any type of organization, through an analysis of governance, practices to promote a culture of integrity and ethics, and taking into account the characteristics of the industry or sector in which the organization performs. This include:
    • Development and implementation of communication campaigns of the COE
    • Development and delivery of training and workshops
    • Management and external administration of Organizational Ethics Committees
  • Diagnosis and implementation of ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Management System (ABMS): As coordinators of the National Technical Committee of Mexico before the ISO in the development of the standard, we are experts in the analysis of bribery risks, definition of areas of opportunity, development of financial and non-financial controls and policies, and the establishment of the compliance function, so that the organization can be certified in this standard. This includes:
    • Development of Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS)
    • Audits of Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS)
  • Certification on the ISO 37001 Standard: We have established a strategic alliance with CSR Company, an Austrian consulting company based in Vienna that grants certification in the standard once the Anti-Bribery Management System has been fully and successfully implemented in the organization.

Community Engagement Strategies

  • Analysis, identification and communication with stakeholders: Analysis to identify the relevant stakeholders for the organization considering the level of involvement of said groups with each other, the level of impact of the organization on them and vice versa.
  • Community engagement strategy: We develop action plans and community engagement for each specific business unit or project. This includes:
    • Community Engagement Manual: Document that describes step by step the characteristics and relevant actors of the community, the relevant actions that the organization must carry out to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with it, and the processes, policies and procedures that must be implemented to achieve it.
  • Volunteering strategies: Strategy and policy of allocation, application and monitoring of donations, investments and social-environmental expenditure of each business unit.
  • Relevant players mapping: Graphical analysis to visualize allies and adversaries of the company considering the level of involvement of actors specific topic of interest.

Development of a Sustainable Value Chain

  • Sustainable value chain programs: We support organizations in the development of programs that allow them to strategically link their value chain (costumers and suppliers) with the objective of generating value proposals for both parties. This includes:
    • Value chain risk analysis
    • Value chain social audits
  • Sustainable procurement evaluation systems: By analyzing and implementing the criteria established in ISO 20400, we develop the necessary processes with which organizations can work hand in hand with their supply chain towards an increasingly sustainable management.

Tools to achieve a sustainable management

  • Anonymous Grievance Mechanism (SET): SET is a tool on the web through which organizations can offer their stakeholders an anonymous reporting mechanism. This allows organizations to evaluate their own performance, identify areas of opportunity and apply corrective actions.
  • ISO 26000 diagnostic: Identify the status of current SR practices in accordance with the international criteria of ISO 26000. Define areas of opportunity and lay the foundations for an improvement plan.
  • Training: Development and delivery of workshops, courses and training on issues of Social Responsibility and Sustainability of organizations.
  • InSustain – CSR Information Management System: Digital dashboard of control and monitoring of the management of RS practices and sustainability by business unit or project that allows managing RS information, evaluating performance, identifying areas of opportunity and applying corrective actions.
  • Translation services specialized in CSR issues (Spanish-English and vice versa)
  • Preparation on the Norma Mexicana de Equidad Laboral: We support any organization that seeks to adhere to the guidelines of the standard, carrying out an analysis of its current management and developing whatever is necessary to comply with all of its requirements.