Who We Are

In EyE we are experts in the creation, development, advisory and improvement of sustainability processes. Fully aligned with the purpose of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, our strategy is firm and clear: to redefine sustainability as the opportunity to affect everyone and everything on the planet, influencing the way governments act, industries function and businesses behave.

Our Mission and Vision


To be a key instrument in the adoption of socially responsible and sustainable practices within organizations as part of their operations and derived from their work philosophy.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Always act with responsibility, professionalism and respect for our clients, safeguarding their confidentiality and reaffirming their trust.
  • Innovation:  Seek continuous improvement and update of our systems and services, making sure we are spearheading in our area of expertise.
  • Honesty: Always handle transparency in the processes and relationship with our stakeholders, without creating false expectations regarding our work.
  • Leadership: Focus our efforts towards service excellence and competitiveness


Karla L. Guerrero Lozoya
Karla L. Guerrero LozoyaCEO
Karla holds an International Relations degree, with a Master in Social Responsibility from Universidad Anáhuac del Norte, as well as a certification in Community Engagement from the Boston College. She is the only Mexican that is part of the Post Publication Organization (PPO), which is responsible for giving continuity to ISO 26000 issues worldwide and is composed of a select group of experts on the subject, elected by their stakeholders. She is also an international speaker on anticorruption, ethics and social responsibility issues.
Diana M. Guerrero Lozoya
Diana M. Guerrero LozoyaDeputy Director
Diana specializes in helping organizations in the decision making process of Responsible Investment; the process of developing CSR, sustainability and integrated reports; the promotion of transparency and compliance through participation in disclosure platforms such as the CDP, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Robeco SAM, among others, and is an expert in the methodology of Global Reporting Initiative standards.
Ilse Yza Medina
Ilse Yza MedinaJr. Consultant
Ilse holds an International Relations degree by Tecnológico de Monterrey. During her university training she specialized in administrative issues, information analysis and sales strategies.
As a Jr Consultant in EyE, Ilse specializes in the development of risk, materiality and externalities analysis, as well as the construction of sustainability models.

How We Got Here

EyE was founded in 2009 by sisters Karla and Diana Guerrero.

Both sisters had been working for several years in social responsibility areas, (though still not recognized as such in that moment), in a diversity of companies and organizations. Living in different cities, flex-time, telecommuting and working from home was the best option for them. This became the company’s working scheme, and has been ever since.

As part of her previous working experience, Karla had been part of the ISO (Innternational Standards Organization) in the development of the ISO 26000 and the establishment of ethics and compliance departments, and Diana had been working in the compliance and transparency areas. They decided to bring this together and it was the beginning of EyE turning into the company it is now: a pioneer in the development of business strategies based on an ethical and sustainable focus.

Working with CEMEX, FEMSA and Grupo ALFA as some of their first clients, the Guerrero Sisters and their team have built now a solid reputation, an effective development and action platform for sustainable management and have become a reference at both national and international levels in succesfully integrating Environmental, Social and Governance factors into their business strategy.

In EyE, we understand our future is nothing more than what we do in the present, and sustainability means not only to thrive financially. The sustainability of an organization depends of its full awareness of its impacts on society and the environment, but more importantly, its plan to mitigate, reverse or eliminate them. And we can help.