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The EyE difference

We are united by the conviction that the culture of integrity is called to have a more leading and consistent role both in individual performance and in that of any institution or group.

We seek integrity to be a sine qua non component of our decisions as a consulting firm and of our clients. We constantly review and renew the three basic commitments that are the backbone of what we do:


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Commitment to critical thinking.

Educate reflection and direct action through informed questions that take us away from commonplaces, from thinking that, when becoming fashion, loses relevance. Questioning is the beginning to find answers to questions that are about to occur. 

Commitment to listening.

There is no dialogue without listening. To be in tune with our collaborators and with our clients, we make listening a permanent exercise that helps us distinguish what their concerns, challenges and opportunities are.

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Commitment to tangible results.

The reflection that translates into action multiplies your ability to transform reality, capture opportunities and manage risks. We seek that each collaboration with our clients, no matter how small, leaves a testimony of the value we deliver.

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EyE is your people

We make sure to bring together talent, experience in various fields and interdisciplinary knowledge to make available to our clients a team of collaborators guided by integrity and committed to achieving results that make a difference.


Karla Guerrero Lozoya

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CEO & founder 

Graduated in International Relations, a certification in Community Participation from Boston College and a diploma in CSR from ITESM (TEC) and BID. In 2014 he received his Master's Degree in Social Responsibility from the Universidad Anáhuac.

From 1998 to 2000, she was CEMEX's Human Resources advisor and part of the core team to develop the CEMEX Code of Ethics. She was an educational advisor to the government of the state of Illinois, USA from 2000 to 2002, in which she developed a new curriculum in Spanish for Chicago public schools.


From 2002 to 2008, she was an advisor to CEMEX in matters of social responsibility and part of the general strategy of the CEMEX team in matters of CSR, as well as Chair of the CEMEX Ethics Committee during the same years.


Her international experience includes being the President of the National Mirror Committees of ISO 26000 on Social Responsibility from 2004 to date, ISO 37001 Antibibio, 37002 on Whistleblower Protection and ISO 20400 on Sustainable Procurement. She is also an Industry Group Ambassador for ISO 26000 SGN (Stakeholders Global Network).


She is also Chairperson of the Stakeholders Council of the Global Reporting Initiative from 2020 to 2022.

International ESG lecturer and professor and lecturer in ESG for several universities around the world, such as Universidad Anáhuac, Universidad de Chihuahua, Universidad de Hermosillo, Universidad de Monterrey, Universidad de Veracruz, Universidad de Torreón, Universidad de Porche in Austria, among others .


Diana Guerrero Lozoya

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Deputy Director / Europe and Eurasia Region

Degree in Information Sciences. 

+10 years of experience in responsible sustainability issues, circular economy principles and their applications, ethical corporate governance and anti-bribery management systems, as well as in the development, improvement and application of standards in the sustainable performance of organizations.

She is an expert in various processes and methodologies related to CSR and Sustainability, among which the following stand out:  
   Development of sustainability, CSR and ESG reports.
   Promotion of transparency and compliance through participation in disclosure platforms such as the Carbon Disclosure Program (CDP), SAM S&P, FTSE4Good, among others. 
   Global Reporting Initiative standards, materiality and externalities analysis, and due diligence with the value chain
   Integration of ESG factors in the business strategy of organizations.

Of her international leadership, the following stand out: She is the sub-coordinator of three Mexican ISO Mirror Committees for standards 37001, 20400 and 26000 and, coordinator of TC 323 in Circular Economy. As the representative of Mexico to the international community, Diana actively participates in the development and approval of the content of ISO standards.

It has recently begun to collaborate in the UNECE Working Group on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (UNECE), focusing on the development of policies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, to contribute to the achievement of the SDG Agenda. by 2030 .


Edgar Rodríguez González

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North America Region Director

Political scientist from the University  Ibero-American and Master in Business Administration from IPADE (City of Monterrey), diplomas and courses in Corporate Social Responsibility, Political Analysis, Conflict Management, Analysis of Relationships Networks and Social Psychology by various institutions.  

+ 25 years of high-level executive experience in global companies in the areas of Public Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Communication and Market Intelligence, Social Management, Political Electoral Analysis and Conflict Management.

+ 15 years in centers of reflection and research in institutions such as the Center for Corporate Citizenship of Boston College, the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC, the UN Global Compact, the ISO organization in the Mexico chapter, the Harvard Business magazine Review, the Javeriana University in Colombia, the Command Group of the Higher School of War of the Presidential General Staff of Mexico, and COPARMEX in  Mexico City.

He co-directs the Conexionistas podcast, a space for the promotion and dissemination of different areas of knowledge. He is also a commentator on United States politics on Mario Campos' RADAR program, Radio IBERO 90.9 FM.

Pro bono advisor to various groups in defense of vulnerable groups and gender equality.


Rafael Garza Cantu 

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Director of Systems and Data Intelligence

Physicist graduated from the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM

More than 20 years of experience in the ICT industry has participated in a large number of help desk implementations.  

He has participated in the statistical analysis of the COVID phenomenon in Mexico  

Development of the maturity index in the assimilation of SDGs by the private sector

He is an expert in data visualization and the creation of mathematical models for prediction of results.  


Ilse Yza Medina

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Senior Advisor

Degree in International Relations from the Tecnológico de Monterrey. During his training he specialized in administrative, consulting and information analysis issues, in addition to highlighting in extracurricular activities on campus. He completed a semester of studies in Hungary where he specialized in project management through courses in Lithuania; and participation in the support team for foreign professors at Tecnológico de Monterrey.  

+5 years advising on issues of obtaining awards and certifications in CSR; preparation of materiality analysis; corruption risk analysis, ISO 37001; audits on issues of ESG, ISO 26000; strategic plans in relation to the integration of ESG factors; to name a few.  

In his academic performance, his participation as part of the team of professors in the humanities area at PrepaTEC stands out. 

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