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Corporate governance

ESG Management Strategies audit processes

The need for the audit of non-financial disclosures is now a requirement.

At EyE we have a team of auditors certified in Social Responsibility Systems by Austrian Standards, with this we can make international criteria and standards available to our clients that ensure that their ESG processes are at the forefront.

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Human rights diagnosis 

Considered as one of the ten universal principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the care of human rights is one of the axes of any ESG policy.

At EyE we carry out protocols for the analysis and diagnosis of policies, practices and risk of violation of the human rights of the organization, inside and outside its operations. 

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ESG Policies 

We start from the current business model of each of our clients, to develop the principles and governance criteria that promote the implementation and adjustment of the ESG practices of each company. The result is an agile and easy-to-understand document, structured with the narrative and language of each company for its rapid dissemination and understanding. 


Materiality Analysis

The Materiality Analysis is the starting point of any strategy related to ESG matters. The result of the analysis allows any institution, whether public or private, to identify the perception that its different audiences (internal and external) have about its performance.

At EyE we develop our own methodologies to offer our clients a robust, scalable materiality analysis and different levels of depth, which can be adapted to any size of institution.

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Integrated business models 

We develop business models that integrate and harmonize the principles and practices of generating economic value with those that produce social and environmental value to achieve a conceptual framework that serves as a guide for the objectives and goals of companies regardless of their size, industry or circumstance. in which they are. 


Project Name

The application to obtain recognition on the practices of ESR (Socially Responsible Company)  It is a laborious process that requires specific knowledge of what each application requires.

At EyE we have developed a long experience in the application for various certificates,  awards and recognitions in Social Responsibility, Ethical Management and Sustainability.

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