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Ethics and Anti Bribery Systems

Ethics management system development

The ethical performance of institutions is already a fundamental criterion for comparing financial results. How much value is generated for shareholders, clients, beneficiaries or for any other audience is no longer sufficient as a measure of appreciation of an institution, whether public or private. Now you need to know how to do it.

As coordinators of the Mexican National Technical Committee before ISO in the development of standards, in EyE we are experts in the analysis of the risk of corruption, definition of areas of opportunity, development of controls, policies and functions as well as with the fulfillment of functions for that the organization can certify said standard.

This includes:

  • Development of codes of ethics for any type of organization

  • Development and implementation of communication campaigns of the COE

  • Development and execution of trainings and workshops

  • Management and external administration of Organizational Ethics Committees

  • External complaints reporting system SET

  • Investigation of reports

  • Implementation and audit of the Anti-Corruption Management System ISO 37001 (SGAS)

  • Implementation and audit of ISO 37002 Complaint Management systems

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